BART partners with junaio to visualize transit data through augmented reality
screenshots of the BART channel on junaio
Screenshots of the BART channel on junaio

A new augmented reality application – junaio – is the latest example of the innovative products and services utilizing BART’s API (application programming interface) to help transit riders navigate and stay on top of train schedules.

BART and junaio have partnered to integrate transit data, such as station locations and estimated arrival times, into a BART channel on the junaio 2.0 augmented reality platform being launched at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas, this week.

With mobile augmented reality technology, users can see digital content such as text or graphics overlaid on real objects on their mobile phones. Junaio lets users tag photos, audio and text in the real world and leave digital "crumbs" behind at particular locations for others to explore. For example, a rider coming out of the Montgomery BART Station in San Francisco could see recommendations left by friends for restaurants or shops to try that are nearby that station. Or, simply by pointing the camera on her phone, a user could find the direction of the nearest BART station and get a list of estimated arrivals for the next several trains to her destination.

Junaio is currently available free for iPhone 3GS and through a web interface, with a version for Android in development.

BART was one of the first transit agencies in the nation to provide schedule and real time data to developers. Today more than two dozen innovative applications have been created using BART data; find more information about them in the BART app center.

Junaio is a mobile augmented reality platform that allows users and developers the ability to create content channels in the real world. Junaio is the first mass consumer platform for metaio, a leader in the growing field of augmented reality. Founded in February 2003, Metaio, the parent company of junaio, has three offices worldwide, including one in San Francisco.

To watch a video of how junaio works, visit BARTtv.





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  • 這幾周外務繁雜,處理完會重回AR懷抱 哈哈 :D

    metaio 最近出的 SDK 都支援一堆 3D Format (md2, obj等等),但那些 SDK 貴鬆鬆就是了。

    免費 library 的話,之前有看過一個 C++ lib 可讀入 3ds File。我的老闆也有實做過真的可用!但就要自己想辦法合併到 ARToolKit 裡面囉 ^^

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  • 關於那個可以吃3ds file的 LIB 有空可以說的清楚一點嗎XDD 感覺又是一個有趣的東西~至少 MESHSMOOTH可以用了QQ 貼圖也會變得比較簡單
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    不過我找了一下,SourceForge 上挺多這類的API。


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  • 請問您有使用過JUNAIO嗎?
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